Facebook Adds Netflix, Zoom, & More on Portal!

Facebook has recently announced new additions to their Portal smart home device. These include Netflix, Zoom, and AR storytelling options for kids!


Netflix on Portal:

Portal can be connected to your home TV, and while Portal TV already offered a range of streaming services such as: Amazon Prime Video, SHOWTIME and SLING TV, Portal owners are now able to stream their favorite shows and more on Netflix.

The company also launched a new Portal remote. This remote has one-touch buttons for Prime Video, Facebook Watch, and Netflix allowing easy access to your favorite streaming platforms. The remote now ships with Portal TV.


Zoom on Portal:

With more people connecting via video chat more than ever right now. Facebook has also added Zoom onto portal. With more people being forced to work from home, this allows for a great way to connect with colleagues while working remote. Not only will Zoom on Portal be great for business meetings, but this will also be a great way to connect with friends and family while having to stay at home. Zoom on Portal includes high-fidelity sound as well as an AI-powered Smart Camera for hands-free video calling. These features allow for a great way to virtually connect with family and friends. You can host a holiday dinner, game night, or any other event with up to 25 people on screen.


Interactive, AR Stories on Portal:

Facebook has also added some interactive, AR stories on Portal for kids and parents. These new effects bring children’s books to life and will include some Dr. Seuss classics. Facebook announced they will be rolling these out this Fall. The company also added new voice controls for AR effects in Photo Booth on Portal, which can also be a fun tool for kids to use.




Although initial responses to Portal were negative due to privacy concerns, it seems the device is becoming more and more popular with its’ new updates. Especially now with COVID-19 and people having to stay at home more often, Facebook’s new updates to Portal make it easier to stay connected and entertained at home!


Source: Hutchinson, Andrew. “Facebook Adds New Features for Portal, Including Netflix and Zoom Integrations” SocialMediaToday, 6 October 2020, www.socialmediatoday.com/news/facebook-adds-new-features-for-portal-including-netflix-and-zoom-integrati.

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