Facebook Expands “Keyword Alert” Feature for Groups

At the end of last year, Facebook began testing a keyword alert feature for groups which would provide admins with another way to easily stay on top of group discussions.

Since then, Facebook has refined and updated the process, and it is now being tested among some users.

Keyword alerts are designed to notify admins when certain words or phrases are mentioned in a group. Those who use the words or phrases will not be notified that the admin has been alerted. The admin would only be notified about content that specifically matches what is entered into the Keyword Alert feature. For example, if you add the keyword “emergency,” a post using the word “emergencies” would not result in an alert being sent.

After being sent the alert, admins would then be given the option to either delete the post in question, or send it through to the group community.

This feature provides several options for users. For businesses, it can allow for quick responses to product-related questions within their group, never missing a beat to connect with potential customers and opportunities. However, that was not necessarily the intention of the feature. Ideally, it was developed to catch content that doesn’t align with the designated group standards–and give admins the opportunity to delete it before it becomes seen by other group members.

While a full rollout has not yet been announced, we anticipate the feature becoming much more visible soon.

How do you feel about the keyword alert feature? What might you use it for in your groups? Let us know!

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