Facebook Introduces Cross-App Messaging with Instagram!

Facebook has launched cross-app messaging with Instagram, which means users can message each other from one app to the other! This new feature will allow Facebook and Instagram users to connect with each other through messages, re-sharing posts, and even via video chat.




If you’re using Facebook Messenger and would like to start a chat with an Instagram user, you can do so by searching the user via their Instagram handle when you are in Messenger. Instagram users can also search for Facebook accounts to send a message request to via their Instagram Direct.


Facebook to Instagram




Instagram to Facebook





You will still have the option to control who can message you by going to your Message Delivery Settings on Facebook, and also through your Message Controls on Instagram. You can choose to reply, delete, or block a message. The user who sends the message will not know if you’ve seen their message unless it is replied to. Once any messages are accepted, your activity status and whether or not you have seen the message will also transfer across both platforms, if these settings are enabled. Therefore, your Instagram friends will be able to tell when you’re active on Facebook and vice versa. This update does not, however, change who will be able to view your stories. Meaning, your Instagram friends will not be able to see your Facebook story through Instagram.


In conclusion, this new feature is something you definitely want to start utilizing and getting yourself familiar with as it will allow you to reach a broader audience and connect with those Instagram users who aren’t on Facebook and vice versa!



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