Facebook Introduces Instagram Reels

This week, Instagram launched a new feature on their platform called Instagram Reels. This new feature is a direct competitor to the TikTok app as it allows users to create 15 second videos of popular trends. The Reels feature is not a standalone app, it is built into the Instagram platform. This allows the feature to be easily adopted and allows your Reels to be discovered by the huge Instagram community!



How to use Instagram Reels:


1. To create a Reel, you must first go to your Instagram camera at the top left of your screen.


2. Then, select Reels at the bottom of your Instagram camera.


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3. You can record Reels all at once, through a series of clips (recorded one at a time), or through uploading your own videos from your gallery.

Press and hold down the capture button to record and let go when you want to end each clip.


4. There will be a variety of editing tools on the left of your screen to help you make your Reel.

Editing features include:

  • Audio: You can select a song from the Instagram music library to add to your Reel or record your own sound.
  • Effects: Instagram’s effects gallery will allow you to choose from a variety of effects to add to your Reels. You can even add a different effect to each clip you record allowing your Reels to be more fun and entertaining.
  • Handsfree Recording: You will have the option to set a timer with a countdown allowing you to record your Reels handsfree.
  • Align: This feature will allow you to edit previous clips and line up objects before recording your next clip to help make easier and cleaner transitions for your overall video.
  • Speed: You can slow down or speed up certain parts of your video or audio to help you create fun videos.


5. When your Reel is ready to share, move over to the share screen.

Here is where you can choose a cover image for your Reel, tag friends, add a caption, add hashtags, and you also have the option of saving your Reel as a draft. After sharing your Reels, they will all be saved on your profile in a Reels tab. Here is where people can access all Reels you have shared. The Reels tab will consist of a video icon on your profile.



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How to share your Reels:


Your Reels can be shared with your followers and on Instagram’s Explore page. If your account is on public, your Reels can be shared to a dedicated space in the Explore tab. This will allow your Reels the potential to be discovered by Instagram’s wide and diverse audience. You can also post your Reels to your feed and share with your followers. If your Reel contains certain songs, effects, and hashtags, your Reel may also be shown in certain dedicated pages when a user clicks on that song, hashtag, or effect.


If your account is on private, you only have the ability to share your Reels with your followers via your feed or story. People will not be able to share your Reels with those who don’t follow you and original sounds from your Reels will not be able to be used by others.


Whether you have a private or public account, you also have the option to share your Reel via your story, close friends, and/or in a direct message. However, should you choose to only share it this way, your Reel will only be visible for 24 hours and will not appear on your profile or the Explore page.



How to view Reels:


To view all public and trending Instagram Reels, visit your explore tab. You will see a Reels section, most likely featured at the top. Click on the section and a feed of trending Reels specifically customized for you will show up. Scroll through and have fun!

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Instagram Reels are meant for users to tap into their creative side and may be the new go-to as opposed to TikTok. Start getting familiar with the new feature and strategize new ways you can use it for your business!

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