Facebook Introduces Live from Messenger Rooms!

Facebook recently launched a new feature on Messenger Rooms in which you are able to go live from a room. Currently, Facebook only allows you to co-broadcast a Live with one other person, but this new feature will allow you to go live with up to 50 people! This feature is not available to everyone just yet, but will soon be available in all countries where Messenger Rooms are available as well as Facebook Messenger mobile and desktop apps.


Due to the pandemic and current circumstances, Facebook Lives are being used more than ever right now. Facebook Lives in pages doubled in June 2020 compared to last year as there are multiple ways people are utilizing the Live feature. Some broadcast their wedding using Facebook Live, others raise money for causes they care about through Lives, and businesses use Facebook Live to market their products. That being said, the combination of Facebook Live and Messenger Rooms will allow for many creative opportunities for people to connect.


How to go live from a Messenger Room:


If you are wanting to go live through a Messenger Room, you must be the creator of the Messenger Room and must be using Google Chrome as your web browser.


1. When you are in your Messenger Room, you will see a “LIVE” icon in the upper right, click on the icon in order to start the process of going live. It will look like the picture below.



2. You can then choose to give your Live a title, where you want to broadcast your Live such as your profile, page, or group, and your audience.



3. The participants who you invited to join the Live Messenger Room, must first decline or accept the invitation before your room can go live.



4. Start the Live and have fun!


Image sourced from here.


5. Click the icon below in the upper right of your screen when you want to end your live. Then click, end.



As the room creator, you will have full control over the live broadcast of your Messenger Room. You will be able to choose where the room is shared, who’s invited to be apart of the Live, and who can view it. All room participants will receive a notification inviting them to join the Live, and they can choose whether they would like to participate or not. As the room creator, you can choose to lock or unlock your room at any time during the Live, and you can also choose to add or remove participants at any time. Participants can choose to leave the Live at any time as well.


This will be a great feature to use for your business. You will have the opportunity to go live with multiple peers and colleagues via Messenger Rooms, which can make your Lives more entertaining and appealing. For example, if you are going live and presenting certain products to your audience, you can choose to do the presentation with other colleagues via Messenger Rooms. This may make the presentation easier and more fun. You can have multiple guest speakers on a Live broadcast due to Messenger Rooms. You can play a game with your audience and bring in someone who is watching on the Live through the use of Messenger Rooms. This is such an easy tool, and there are many creative ways you can use this new feature to make your Lives more engaging, be sure to take advantage of this!



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