Facebook Introduces New Update to the Search Feature

Facebook has just announced the release of some brand new changes to its “search” feature.  Now any post that is public (meaning that you have not placed any viewer restrictions on your posts) will be searchable by keywords.

What this means is that now when you search trending topics (ie. “water on mars” or “The AMA’s”)  the results will show
your friend’s recent posts surrounding these topics as well as any similar public posts. This allows you to search a topic and see just what your friends are saying about it!

The search will also offer personalized suggestions based on what you type in as well as the most recent updates on that topic. This will allow users to find posts about a link has been shared multiple times, giving it more interaction and over all engagement!

Check out the video below to see it in action.




Source: http://media.einnews.com/article/293493164/BvSurEzWTviD9iMA

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