Facebook’s Best Practices for Video Creators

Video content is performing better than other post types on Facebook right now. In fact, Facebook states, “Since launching Live video on Facebook, users have made over 8.5 billion broadcasts and Live viewers increased in the U.S. by 50%, just during February and March 2020″ (SocialMediaToday). That being said, if you post videos on Facebook, you definitely want to consider your approach and follow Facebook’s best practices.


The company came out with a new 14-page guide for video creators which explains how to maximize your video content as well as how to increase audience engagement with your videos on Facebook. This guide has 2 sections.


The first section explains on how to maximize your video content:
  1. Go Live: go live using Facebook’s advanced streaming software.
  2. Re-Post: bring new life to your old content by re-posting it, if it’s something of relevance to the current time.
  3. Bulk Upload
  4. Organize: organize your content using new tools available.
  5. Create or Join a Relevant Challenge: invite others to participate.
  6. Highlight: highlight top stories of yours around specific themes.

Each above tip in the first section of Facebook’s guide also has its own overview section in order to help you strategize it into your own approach.


The second part of the guide explains on how to increase your engagement and build an online community:
  1. Go Live: go live with a friend, fan, or guest to make things fun.
  2. Connect: connect and network with others through your own and other Groups.
  3. Host: host a watch party of something of relevance to your audience.
  4. Add a Poll: add a poll to your videos to keep things interesting and better increase engagement.
  5. Get Active: be active in your comments and respond to your fans, this will allow you to connect with them more personally.
  6. Use Stickers: use stickers in your stories to make them fun and aesthetically pleasing.

Again, Facebook’s guide further explains each tip above like the example below:



These are great, helpful tips which will definitely help you build your Facebook community. And if you create and post videos often, these tips are definitely worth considering implementing into your own strategy. Facebook has even provided further notes on how you can utilize these tips specifically for yourself. You can download the whole guide here.


Source: Hutchinson, Andrew. “Facebook Publishes New Guide for Video Creators.” SocialMediaToday, 18 September 2020, https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/facebook-publishes-new-guide-for-video-creators/585538/.

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