Facebook’s New Page Experience

Facebook has recently rolled out their new redesigned Page experience. This new Page experience will allow for creators and public figures to build a sense of community and reach their business goals and objectives. Here’s what’s new:

  • Simple, redesigned layout, which will be more intuitive for users
  • Dedicated News Feed
  • Easy navigation to switch between your personal profile and Page
  • Updated admin controls, which will give trusted admins full or partial control of the Page
  • Actionable insights, and better notifications
  • Safety features to detect fake accounts


Redesigned Layout

This new Page experience includes a new redesigned layout making it easier to navigate for users. You’ll be able to more easily switch between your personal profile and Page. Facebook also states the new design is cleaner, and more streamlined than before, which will make it easier for people to see posts, bios, and other significant information.



Dedicated News Feed

A News Feed will now be available for Pages, allowing for better ways to engage for Pages. Pages will have the ability to join in on conversations, follow relevant trends, and interact with friends and fans. This new dedicated News Feed for pages will also recommend connections, other Pages and Groups, and relevant content for a Page based on its interests.

Another thing to note, in order to increase the reach of Pages, comments from any public figures on Page conversations will be shown at the top of the comments section. Others will be able to follow a Page directly from comments or a recommended post.



Focus on Followers

With the new Page experience, there will be a new focus on followers. That being said, Facebook will be removing Likes from Pages. The reason being, is Followers are a better indication of who is truly supporting your Page. These are the people who are wanting to receive updates for your page, and this indicates a better fan base.



Improved Admin Controls

The new Page experience allows for better management features as well. You’ll be able to give different levels of admin access to each designated admin depending on what task you’d like them to manage. These tasks can include Ads, Insights, Community Management, and Content.



The new Facebook Page experience brings many exciting new features, which can allow for Pages to build a better sense of community and increase their reach. This new Page experience is not available to all users just yet, but Facebook plans to roll it out to all Pages in the coming months!




Source: Awan, Asad. “Introducing the New Pages Experience.” Facebook, 6 Jan 2021, https://about.fb.com/news/2021/01/introducing-the-new-page-experience/.


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