Facebook’s Testing a New Feature That We Want You To Know About

Facebook is currently testing a possible new feature called ‘What Friends Are Talking About”. This dedicated section appears at the top of your newsfeed and is a collection of recent posts from your friends, making it easier to see your close friends’ posts and how many comments those posts have received.

The feature also shows friends’ updates in smaller chunks so users can see more on their screen without scrolling.

While Facebook is testing this feature, it is likely that it is only available to a limited number of users. Chances are that those that you are closest to will appear in the new feature more often than someone you haven’t spoken to in years.

What This Could Mean For Your Business:

Facebook is placing more and more emphasis on creating a platform used to easily spark conversations and interactions with close friends and family. While this feature is in the testing phase and appears to be for personal pages, you as a business owner should embrace its very nature of use – ease of communication and conversation. Use Facebook as a tool to quickly grasp the topics and interests of your target audience when it comes to your business. Follow the nature of the platform by creating a sense of community with your posts on your Facebook Business Page. Discuss the topics that are most relevant to your audience and start sparking conversations,  asking questions, engaging with users who interact with your page and slowly using the platform to build those relationships. You will be surprised to find that these users will likely be more loyal and dedicated to your product or service based on the bond that you’ve created through social media!


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