Google’s New Efforts for Digital Work Collaboration

Do you want your team brainstorms to be more productive?  Well, Google has introduced a new product called Jamboard- making it easier for teams to share and collaborate through the digital space.  Here’s everything you need to know in just a few short points:

What is it? Jam is a 55-inch screen that has a 4k display. Think of it as the perfect Digital Whiteboard for brainstorming, organizing, and sharing ideas with your team.  

What Features Does it Have?

  1. Grab pictures from the web, Pull in Word Docs, Excel Sheets, Powerpoint Slides, or other documents stored in your Drive.
  2. Includes sticky notes, stencils, handwriting and shape recognition as additional features.
  3. Includes a built-in HD Camera, Speakers, and Wi-Fi for broadcasted Hangouts.
  4. Features best-in-class touch screen designed for drawing precision and ease of use. 
  5. Stored in the cloud so you can easily share with others or return to your work.
  6. A smartphone and tablet companion app created to facilitate collaboration with teammates remotely.

How Much is It?  Just under 6,000USD.

When Will it Be Available? In 2017. You can also apply for the Early Adopter’s Program through the Jamboard Website. 

Multibrain’s Take: We  are so excited to see what the tech world has in store for facilitating communication and collaboration through the digital space for team members.  As technology develops, this large world will only become smaller, making it easier for small business owners to take advantage of the many digital offerings that can be used as tools to help grow their business, whether it’s internally, with customers and  with new team members. These new tools are simply resources to improve your chance of success.

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