How and Why to Start a Youtube Channel this Month

Embarking on the YouTube journey demands effort. From the intricacies of scripting, producing, and editing videos to pinpointing a captivating topic that aligns with your passion and appeals to viewers, it’s quite the endeavor.

Strategies for Brainstorming a YouTube Channel Concept:

With over 51 million YouTube channels as of 2023, you might feel the landscape is oversaturated. However, every cloud has a silver lining; there’s room for another standout channel. The first step is identifying the precise niche for your channel. What’s the driving force behind your channel? Is it an extension of your existing enterprise?

Or perhaps it’s a platform to showcase your skills, interests, or hobbies? It’s advisable to avoid being too generic to ensure clarity for your audience about your channel’s direction. A more defined niche translates to fewer competitors, facilitating faster growth.

Consider making your channel’s title and imagery clear and inviting. For instance, a title like ‘Marc’s Marketing Channel’ is somewhat nebulous, whereas ‘Pro Marketing Tips for the Novice’ offers clarity and appeal.

It’s essential to strike a balance with your niche. It shouldn’t be so restrictive that content ideas become limited over time. Ideally, your niche should be expansive enough to accommodate varied subtopics.

Subtopics are pivotal as it’s unlikely that each video will resonate with your entire audience – and that’s alright! For a marketing-centric YouTube channel, the viewers could range from top-level marketing executives to budding marketers and social media enthusiasts. It’s beneficial to cater to every subgroup periodically.

Why Sales Professionals Should Consider YouTube:

For individuals in sales, having a YouTube channel can be a game-changer. YouTube offers a platform to demonstrate products, explain services, and build a personal brand in a dynamic and engaging manner. By sharing videos, salespeople can address common questions, showcase testimonials, and highlight the unique selling points of their offerings. Additionally, establishing a consistent presence on YouTube can position sales professionals as industry leaders, foster trust, and create a loyal customer base. In the digital age, where consumers often seek visual validation before making a purchase, a well-curated YouTube channel can be a potent tool in a salesperson’s arsenal.

Launching Your YouTube Channel:

Upon finalizing your niche, it’s time to scope out the competition – other channels producing akin content. Using the earlier example, if your channel is about critiquing comics, simply search “comic book reviews” on YouTube and analyze the existing channels.

Subsequently, craft a unique name, emblem, and theme that echo your channel’s identity. Your goal is to create a distinctive, memorable brand, so deliberate on the imagery, colors, typography, and overall vibe you intend to project in your videos.

Suggestions for YouTube Newcomers:

‘My Top Picks’ Video

Everyday YouTube viewers are consumers in some capacity. A straightforward approach to initiate your channel could be showcasing your most-loved games, collectibles, or similar items. This gives potential buyers a firsthand perspective. Such content is especially apt for budding channels, as viewers often perceive smaller YouTubers as more genuine compared to those producing branded content.

Current Affairs Commentary

A channel dedicated to commentary on topical news, whether in entertainment or global events, can gain traction if regularly updated. For instance, D’Angelo Wallace swiftly rose to YouTube fame within three years, thanks to his unique take on significant events or cultural milestones. If you’re equipped with a decent camera and microphone, launching a channel focused on current events commentary is worth considering.

First Impression Videos

Imagine watching a thrilling sports event or a gripping TV series finale; you’re probably not the only one buzzing with anticipation. Reaction videos are in demand as viewers yearn to share their viewing experiences, making it a popular choice for new YouTubers. If you’re seeking a straightforward channel concept, documenting your genuine reactions to beloved media is a promising start.

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