How Brands Should Communicate Online Amidst Coronavirus Concerns

Coronavirus is certainly not making life any easier these days. The spread of the virus is causing social distancing and uncertainty among people all over the world. As people stay cooped away in their homes, with technology as their only connection to the outside world, it is critical, now more than ever, that brands communicate openly with their fans.

Here at Multibrain, we’ve listed some advice to keep in mind in your messaging to followers.

1. Think about how your brand can help in the crisis.

What about your brand is useful to your fans during this time of stress and uncertainty? Do you offer fitness tips? Give your followers an at-home workout to do while they are in self-quarantine! Run an online shop? Remind fans to be supporting small businesses in a way that is not detrimental to the rest of society. Always try to set a good example for your fans in your posts!


2. Stay updated.

The best way to provide appropriate and useful information to your followers is to stay updated on what is going on currently. Know about the latest updates, outbreaks, and tips that may change day-to-day. What may have been appropriate yesterday may not hold true for tomorrow. Do your research, but be sure to use credible sources, such as the CDC.


3. Know that customers’ interactions will change.

Maybe that one fan that always comments on your posts has gone silent for now. Or the customer that is quick to purchase an item may not place an order. People are processing this situation in different ways, so be sure you are remaining respectful of their personal space and privacy, while also implementing policy changes where needed.


4. Mind your tone in your posts.

Again, the climate currently is not one of normalcy. If you typically write posts in a sarcastic tone, maybe switch to something empathetic or understanding so as to be considerate of everyone during this time. In some cases, certain forms of humor might be appropriate–but of course, know when to draw the line.


What messaging are you planning to share regarding the coronavirus? How are you processing the issue? Let us know below!

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