How to Boost Your Facebook Reach

Engagement. Engagement. Engagement. It is possibly the most important aspect of social selling today and on Facebook, it can feel difficult to master. Engagement is how many people are liking, sharing and commenting on your content. Reach is how many people even see it. Generally, you need increased Reach to get more engagement. Below are four of the best “hacks” for generating the best authentic reach (hopefully followed by engagement) on Facebook.


Use Messenger Bots

Have you ever ordered something and then gotten a confirmation via FB Messenger from the company? I know I have, and personally, the gesture–even if automated–is always a nice way to feel connected to a company. Consider enabling your own Messenger Bot (it’s free and easy to set up on your Facebook business page), either to respond to any inquiries, reach out to customers who have placed a recent order or offer customer service support. However, be sure to use caution and ride the fine line between friendly and spammy.


Go Live!

You’ve heard us talk about Facebook Live probably more times than you can count. But it’s the truth! Going live on Facebook is a surefire way to bring traffic to your page. Not only will your fans tune in and engage, but their interactions with your live video will prompt Facebook’s algorithm to share your live video in friends’ feeds. Check out some of our other posts about going live, like this one on 6 tips for going live on social media.


Boost Those Posts

Now, no one wants to spend money, but for Facebook, boosting your posts is a great way to attract your ideal audience. You don’t need to drop large sums of money on posts, but try putting out an ad in smaller amounts. If you see authentic reach–increase your budget to keep seeing results! You can also always adjust your audience and ads, to see what performs best.


Post Authentic Content

Don’t post content that is exclusively used to promote your brand. Be sure to include posts about your personal life and your interests so that Facebook knows you’re pulling real engagement. If everything you post is trying to sell something, fans will be turned off by your lack of authenticity which will drive your reach down. One way to make sure you’re posting good content is to stray away from including links in every single post. Facebook wants traffic to stay on their web page, not redirect to yours, so making general status updates and uploading pictures will help you in the long run!


Now you know the hottest tips for garnering reach on Facebook. So what are you waiting for? Get onto your page and start using these tips for your next content post!

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