How to Create the Best Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are the new Snapchat! Mark Zuckerberg even said Stories are soon going to be the primary form of social sharing, beating out the traditional News Feed. They’re a great way to show your brand’s personality, interact with your followers, and stay on top of their minds. It’s time to start making your own stories — and making good ones to stand out from the crowd. Here are our tips for beautiful, attention-grabbing stories.


1. Create Aesthetically Pleasing Images with a Template

Free apps like Canva make it super easy to brand your stories. Simply use one of their layouts, add your brand’s colors and keep your stories consistent!


2. Use Hashtags

On your stories, be sure to add a few hashtags. This can bring new eyes to your page and put your story on the explore page. Simply type on your story, “#” followed by what you would like to hashtag. For example, “#socialmediatip.”


3. Add Your Location

Just like hashtags, when you add a location, you may show up in the explore page on Instagram and get new viewers. In the top right corner of the image or video you are uploading, you will see “LOCATION” where you can type your location in and post it on your story.


4. Take Advantage of Polls

Polls get your audience to interact. Ask them what product or color they like better, to get their input. You will also find them in the top right corner of your image as you are posting.


5. Show Personality by Adding Gifs

Gifs are fun and add some character to your posts. They’re a great addition to your stories. These are also found in the top right of your story.


6. Save Your Highlights to Your Instagram Page

You now have the option to add highlights to your Instagram page so that when a user visits your page, your previous highlights are there, saved for them to see whenever they wish.


Now that you have all of the tips for creating engaging, beautiful stories, it’s time to get out there and start sharing!

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