How to Generate Leads on Instagram in 4 Steps

Are you using Instagram for your business? There’s a huge opportunity for sales so make sure you include it in your social media marketing strategy. Instagram now has roughly 800 million monthly active users — users you could be reaching! Only about 70% of business are on Instagram compared to 90% that are on Facebook so now is a great time to get out there before everyone else does.

Now, you know how important Instagram could be for your business, but let us show you in 4 simple steps how to grow it and make it successful by creating new leads.


1. Attract people to your business with an enticing offer or promotion.

Doing Instagram-exclusive promotions, like a giveaway is a great way to grow your audience. An example would be asking people to follow you for a chance to win the latest lipstick shade or a lipstick of their choice. You could also ask them a question to help spark engagement on the post. A contest like this is a pretty cost effective and organic way to get new followers that you already know are interested in your product.


2. Turn these new followers into prospects.

Now that you have your followers, you will want a way to reach them further. Collecting email addresses and building your email contact list is a great way to help turn leads into customers. In order to get people to want to hand over their email address, you may want to entice them with a discount or a chance to win a prize.


3. Nurture leads to become closer to a purchase.

Once you have gotten their email addresses, send them an email to confirm their entry and discount, if promised. You can send them personalized messages and create a sales funnel. They won’t always make a purchase right away, but by doing this, you are building a relationship with them and growing trust, which may lead to a future sale.


4. Convert those leads into customers with a sale.

These people have already expressed interest in your business and products so you may need to re-ignite that interest. Include another promotion or offer if they still haven’t purchased. Here are some great ideas for follow up emails. Boom, that prospect may have just become a customer!


Because of Instagram’s growing popularity, it’s a great idea to start growing your audience with it now. There are plenty of ways small and large businesses can use this social media platform to create sales, which is ultimately more important than the number of likes you have.


Article information was sourced from Social Media Today.

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