How to Increase Black Friday Sales on Facebook

Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year, so wouldn’t you be making some of those sales?
You can do that by optimizing your Facebook page to generate buzz and increase your Black Friday sales.


1. Create a Great Sale

What is your Black Friday sale? Make it simple, clear and easy to get. Then let your customers know about it! This takes us to the next point.

2. Promote Your Sale

Create a Facebook cover photo and page posts and even VIDEOS talking about your sale. Don’t let your customer miss out on your sale just because they didn’t know about it. You should also take advantage of “Pinning” a post about your sale to the top of your page so it’s the first thing your customers see.

3. Use Facebook’s Call to Action Button

You can choose from many different call to action buttons on Facebook, including Shop Now. Make sure you have a good one picked for your promotion. This increases the likelihood that someone will click where you want them to go.

4. Create a LIVE Teaser Video

You can use Facebook Live as a way to tease your upcoming promotion. Let people know it’s coming and get them excited! Plus, you can post it to your wall for people to see after its been live.

5. Take Advantage of Messenger

Is your Facebook auto-reply message turned on? Make sure it is so your customers receive an immediate response. Then respond to them as soon as possible. Studies show that customers are more likely to purchase from the vendor that responds first.


Will you be having a Black Friday sale?

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