How To Increase Your Engagement on Your Facebook Page

In order to increase your brand presence on Facebook, it is important to strategize the different ways you can increase your engagement. The more people interact with one of your posts, the higher up it shows in the News Feed. Also, more engagement on your posts can also expose them to your friends/followers extended network. See below for the many different ways you can increase your engagement on your Facebook Page…


Post engaging & relatable content

This is something we always stress. Follow the 80/20 rule when it comes to the type of content you are posting, which means post 80% lifestyle content, and 20% sales content. You don’t want to only post product posts or sales posts, and want to ensure the majority of your content consist of lifestyle type of posts. This can be inspirational or informational type of posts relative to your brand, which will likely lead to more likes, comments, etc.


Know your audience

Even when choosing lifestyle type of content to post, it’s important to consider your audience. In order to ensure you will receive a higher engagement on your posts, you want to make sure you are posting what your audience wants to see. A great way to do this is by going to your Facebook Page Insights, you’ll see a section specifically on your audience. Study this information to figure out who your audience is, then post content relative to what your audience would like to see as well.


Post videos

Videos tend to receive higher engagement than images. A great way to incorporate video posts into your content is to post a fun short animation like the ones available in our Content Library, or you can go Live. Live videos on Facebook receive the highest engagement out of all content. That being said, it’s important to strategize some ways you can go Live every once in a while.


Take advantage of your insights

It’s important to take advantage of the analytics offered to you on any of your business accounts. For example, through the Facebook Page Insights, you are able to see which of your posts performed the best, and at what time your audience is most active. You can then use this information to post more of the type of content that performed best, at the times your audience is most active. This will most likely increase your engagement.


Convert your followers from other social accounts

Convert followers from your Instagram, Twitter, etc. over to your Facebook and vice versa to help you further increase your following, and engagement. For example, put the link to your Facebook Page in your Instagram and Twitter bio, then direct your followers to go follow your Page by “clicking the link in bio”.


Use Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are important for community building. Facebook Groups are the place for you to really build your customer loyalty, which can then increase you engagement on your Facebook Page. Be sure to also join other Groups relative to your brand, this will help you network with others online and gain more followers, leading to even more engagement.


Repost & Repurpose winning content

Last, but not least, repurpose and repackage winning content. For example, did a certain Live video of yours perform well? How can you repurpose that into more content? Perhaps create a couple of posts from key takeaways of that Live, and post those. Since the Live video did well, it’s likely these posts will spark engagement as well.


You can use the tips above to really boost your engagement on your Facebook Page, and also apply them to other social channels as well. Be sure to do so in order to help you further grow your brand. πŸ™‚


Source: McLachlan, Chrstina Newberry. β€œ23 Simple Ways to Increase Facebook Engagement.” Strategy, 14 July 2021,

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