How to Master Social Media Copy Even If You Don’t Like Writing

We know that promoting your business on social media is essential to boost your discovery, engagement, and ultimately, sales. But making posts isn’t always easy. What do you caption it? How do you write engaging blog posts that are on brand for your business?

This is even HARDER to do if you don’t like to write. But before you go and hire a third-party to manage those troubling Facebook posts, Instagram captions, or Tweets, or simply give up, take a look at our guide to mastering social media copy–even if you can’t stand writing.

Pick a target demographic and write to them.

Think about who you are trying to sell to. Whether its new moms, teenage girls, or retired men, think about what would engage them online. What kind of words would catch their eye? What images are most relevant to their lives? Once you pick a demographic and stick to it, writing copy can feel less like throwing words out into an empty void and more like talking to the people you want to meet your business.


Write how you talk.

This one builds on our last tip. Imagine that you’re talking to that demographic again, but this time in person. Imagine you are sitting over a cup of coffee, talking casually about your business and your products. You should aspire to write the same way you would talk in that instance. Aim for simplicity, authenticity, and a basic choice of language–don’t write like anything you aren’t!


Write first, edit later.

Sometimes the most daunting part about writing copy can be worrying about if it’s “perfect” on your first go. But that’s unrealistic! When writing copy, get all your ideas out and written. Then come back in five minutes to edit and make changes. Nobody writes perfectly on their first shot, neither should you! Give yourself time to edit heavily later on, and you’ll be surprised at the progress you’ll make.


Make your posts for a reason.

Always have a reason for why you’re posting. Do you want more traffic to your website? Did you just release a new product you want customers to see? Make sure the value in your post is clear to your target audience. If you post just to say you posted, anyone who follows you will feel disengaged and will scroll right by. Give your audience a reason to continue reading your copy.


Post consistently.

This is for two reasons. Firstly, the more you do something, the better you will become at it. So the more you write, the more refined your writing will become! The second reason is to maintain good engagement with your followers. If they know when to expect a post from you, they will engage more frequently.


Practice these skills to master your writing and create copy that would catch any reader’s eye. Have tips you think we should add? Drop them in the comments below!

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