How to Optimize Instagram’s New Keyword Search Option for Your Business

Instagram’s new keyword search feature is a great new tool you can use for your business.



Before, the only way to really search for certain content on Instagram was through hashtags. However, with this new feature, your posts are more likely to get found, even if you did not use any hashtags. Here are some ways to use the feature for your business:


Customer Engagement 

You can use this new feature to find potential new customers and engage with them. You can find your target audience’s profile by searching keywords they might use on their Instagram content. Then, engage and interact with them, because building that personal connection with your audience is so important for brand growth. Also, by practicing this technique and pinpointing what keywords your potential customers may be using, this will allow you to get to know your target audience better. Another key for brand growth.


Brand Mentions

People may be mentioning your brand, but you may not even know or get notified since they didn’t @ your profile or hashtag your brand. However, you can view all posts that mentioned your brand by searching your name in the keyword search feature. You then have more access to content you can share and repost!


Competitive Analysis

Another way to take advantage of Instagram’s keyword search feature, is by searching your competitors keywords to see what their audience is saying about them. What do they like about them, and more importantly, what do they not like about them? Use this information, to find a resolution these potential customers are not getting from their competitors. Basically, find out what you can you offer them that your competitors cannot. All this research will help you create better content tailored to your target audience, and thus, increase your social media game.


Get Discovered by Your Ideal Customer

Again, research the keywords which attract your target audience for your business. Then utilize those words in your captions. This will make it easier for your ideal customers to find you, due to Instagram’s new keyword search feature. For example, if you sell skincare, find out what skincare fanatics are searching for on Instagram. Perhaps, “clear skin”, “retinol”, or “no makeup”.


Although, this new keyword search feature on Instagram may not seem like a big deal, it can certainly be beneficial for your business. Do the research on keywords relative to your brand and customers, and then implement the strategies above!




Source: Lozano, Dhariana. “3 Ways to Use Instagram’s New Keyword Search Option to Grow Your Business.” SocialMediaToday, 22 December 2020,



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