How To Organically Grow Your Facebook Groups

So, you’ve created your Facebook Group and are wondering, “now what”? Growing your Facebook Group organically can be a lot of pressure, but it doesn’t have to be as challenging as it may seem. Keep reading to learn more about how to create organic growth in your Facebook Group!

Find People With Common Interests

To get your Group started, you’ll want to find people who are interested in the topic or even a related topic, that your Group is all about. For example, if your Group is all about skincare, you may even want to invite people who are interested in makeup, hygiene, or wellness. The first place you can look for people with these interests is your friends’ list. Encourage your friends to actively participate as well as invite others to your Group.

Once you’ve exhausted your friends’ list, you can turn towards other related Public Groups. Here, you’ll simply want to participate in a helpful, positive, and respectful manner. The more you are meaningfully participating in these Groups, the more likely it is that someone will see you and become interested in your own Group. 

Encourage Meaningful Posts

Once you have a solid foundation for your Group, ensure that your members understand the purpose of the Group. Drifting from topic to topic can get confusing for your members, and can even steer them towards another Group. Encouraging your members to stay on topic with their posts can foster a greater sense of community. This greater sense of community can lead more people to enjoy the Group, and therefore, want to get more of their friends involved. 

Utilize the Share Function

A perk of having a Public Group is that you and your members can share posts from the Group to your News Feed. Sharing content from your Group can get the rest of your friends interested in what you have to offer. They may not have had an initial interest in the topic your Group covers, but they may become interested by being exposed to the content your Group is posting. However, it is important to remember not to post everything from your Group. The sense of community is everything in a Group, and sharing every post from your Group to your News Feed negates the need for the Group in the first place. 

Starting a Facebook Group from scratch can seem intimidating on the surface. We hope these tips will help you grow your Group to be the best it can be! As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! 😄

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