Instagram Introduces Story Likes, Offering a New Avenue for Viewer Engagement

Instagram has added a new way for its users to engage with Instagram Stories! In addition to replying and reacting, viewers can now “Like” any Story they view.

While the creator of the story is still notified of the “Like,” unlike replying or reacting, this option does not automatically start a new DM thread and instead appears as part of the creator’s Story view metrics.

Story Likes are also a private engagement (like replies and reactions) meaning they do not have counts and are not viewable to anyone except the user and Story creator.

You can find this feature in the bottom right corner of the Instagram Story being viewed next to the “Reply” and “Share” buttons.

This new option provides a simple, low-profile way for users to express interest in the Stories they are viewing – without having to send a message each time. Because of the feature’s simplicity and ease-of-use, we could see an increase in Story engagement and viewership.

For creators, this means it’s time to step up the Instagram Story content, especially since this could be another method for Instagram’s algorithm ranking of Stories on your home page. While Instagram hasn’t said anything about this being a ranking indicator, the instant feedback on whether or not a user literally “Likes” a Story lends itself nicely to customizing the user experience.

The main takeaway? Start posting more consistent Stories! See what Story content is most Liked by your audience and which are not, and use that simple feedback to guide your future content. It’s always valuable to know how your audience is responding and reacting to your posts and this feature provides that opportunity without the added pressure of initiating and maintaining a DM conversation.

Are you excited about this new engagement tool? Let us know in the comments!

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