How to Use Instagram: A Beginner’s Guide

If you’re looking into the idea of diving into the world of Instagram or have recently set up an account but feel a bit overwhelmed, fret not. This guide aims to walk you through the foundational aspects, emphasizing why Instagram stands out as the prime platform for audience engagement in the present era.

Understanding Instagram:

Instagram is a digital platform centered around sharing photos and videos, primarily through its mobile application. When your profile is set to public, both followers and non-followers can access and engage with your content, be it through likes, comments, shares, or saves.

Recalling the early days of Instagram, phrases like “Do it for the ‘gram” were common jargon. This essentially indicated doing something specifically to capture a snapshot for Instagram. With time, however, the platform has evolved, placing more focus on video content. Hence, the once-popular phrase is rarely used, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see its resurgence in another form soon, perhaps something like “Shoot it for the reel?”

If you haven’t joined the vast community of a billion Instagram users, it’s worth pondering over. It’s an engaging platform to stay connected with friends, brands, and celebrities. Personally, whenever I want to catch up with old college mates, I prefer scrolling through Instagram over Facebook. It offers a window into the candid moments of their lives.

Furthermore, Instagram serves as a valuable research tool to gauge brand strategies. For instance, renowned brands like Nike leverage the Instagram Stories feature to share unique, inspiring tales of athletes, a narrative hard to find elsewhere.

Getting Started on Instagram:

To initiate your Instagram journey, simply download the app and tap ‘Sign up’. You can opt to sign up via Facebook or provide an email or phone number. After selecting a username and password, you’re all set to sculpt your profile.

To kickstart, either visit Instagram’s website on your PC or get the app from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android). 

On the desktop, choose “Log in with Facebook” or input the required details in the given fields. For Android users, tap “Sign Up With Email or Phone Number”, and iPhone users should select “Sign Up”. Fill in the necessary details, and if you’ve chosen to register via Facebook, log in if prompted.

Uploading and Sharing Content:

At the heart of Instagram is its core feature: sharing images or videos. Unlike platforms like Facebook or Twitter, which incorporate text and visuals, Instagram is predominantly a visual-sharing platform.

Content selection on Instagram should be judicious. Instead of uploading an extensive album, the norm is to share the best snippets. For instance, if you’ve recently had a beach outing, instead of sharing a plethora of similar shots, curate the best five or six and share them as a carousel post. Carousel posts offer the luxury of sharing multiple images in a singular post, maintaining a diverse aesthetic on your profile.

For those keen on mastering the art of curating an appealing Instagram profile, there are numerous resources available, including courses like HubSpot’s Instagram Marketing Course, to help fine-tune your skills.

To post an image or video:

  1. Tap the “+” icon situated in the upper-right corner. Upon selecting it, you’ll be provided with post options. Since we’re aiming to upload a regular post, select “Post”.
  2. Pick the desired media. You can either browse your phone’s gallery, capture a fresh image or video directly via Instagram. After making the selection, proceed by tapping “Next”.
  3. Compose a caption and adjust sharing preferences. At this stage, you can craft a caption, tag individuals (provided they too have an Instagram account), and designate a location. If you wish to share the content on linked platforms like Facebook, ensure the relevant option is activated. Once satisfied, tap “share” to publish.

Leveraging Instagram is Essential for Amplifying Your Personal Brand.

To elevate your personal and professional presence, diving into Instagram is a strategic move. Initiate your journey by familiarizing yourself with its nuances and understanding its algorithm. As you navigate through the platform, start sharing your content. With a user base exceeding a billion, the potential of Instagram is vast and continuously expanding. Don’t miss out on this growth trajectory. For more insights and tips, follow Multibrain on Instagram and be a part of our vibrant community!

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