How To Use Instagram Carousels To Increase Engagement Tenfold

Instagram Carousels receive 10x more engagement than regular, photo posts. But how does one capitalize on this potential reach? We’ve captured the key strategies for using Instagram Carousels to your advantage.

What is an Instagram Carousel post?

An Instagram Carousel is a post option that allows users to select up to 10 photos or videos to include in a single post. Viewers can see all the images or videos in a Carousel by swiping left on the post within their mobile app (desktop users click the visible arrows on the post).

Like any other Instagram post, Instagram Carousel posts include captions, the option to geo-tag locations, tag others in the post, and product tag. Users can share, comment, and like the post just as they would engage with any other Instagram post.

To indicate a Carousel post, a small square icon will be visible in the top right corner of the first image when a Carousel has been posted. As viewers scroll through the media in the post, the square icon changes to a number to represent the current frame the user is viewing. Similarly, small white dots appear at the bottom of the post to indicate the viewer’s progress through the post.

How to Create an Instagram Carousel Post (and schedule it!)

When creating an Instagram Carousel post, the process is essentially the same as how you would create a regular post in the app. From the Home page, press the plus symbol in the top right corner.

Then, select the first image or video you’d like to include in your Carousel. After you’ve adjusted and cropped as necessary, you will notice a little stacked square icon in the bottom right corner of the image you just selected.

When you press the stacked square icon, you will now have the option to select multiple pieces of media to include in your post. Select up to 10, then press Next in the top right corner.

From there, the rest of the process is the same as creating a regular Instagram post. You will write your caption, tag relevant accounts, add a location, and more – all from the next page.

So, you’ve created your Carousel – now you want to schedule it to post at a later time.

Meta offers several options for scheduling content, via the Creator Studio, Facebook Business Suite, or the web version of the Instagram platform.This detailed post from the Facebook blog provides a comprehensive explanation of how to use Meta tools to schedule your posts.

Why should you use Instagram Carousel posts?

Carousels are valuable in that they hold your viewer’s attention for longer than the standard, one-image Instagram post. As your audience scrolls through each component of your Carousel, they are able to view more of your valuable content – all in one post. 

As we mentioned before, using Carousels is a clear way to boost your engagement! Users are more likely to engage with Carousel posts which is just one reason to implement this content type into your social media strategy more often.

Not sure what to include in a Carousel post? Here are some of our ideas:

  • Reveal a new product
  • Tell a story or anecdote in a few parts
  • Show off some detail shots of a new product or launch
  • Create a how-to or tutorial using each Carousel slide as a “step”
  • Encourage engagement from viewers (ex: Swipe left to see more!)

Integrating Instagram Carousels into your social media content plan is a simple, yet impactful choice for boosting engagement.

Challenge yourself to schedule a Carousel post this week using your MultiBrain dashboard!

If you’d like to have this Training News created for your market, please contact your Multibrain Concierge.

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