How To Use Instagram Landing Pages for Increased Engagement

Instagram has more than 400 million users worldwide and has grown to be one of the most effective social media marketing platforms.

You can use the platform to build traffic, increase engagement, and boost conversions. The Instagram landing page has some exciting features to try out. Keep scrolling to learn how to use the feature to your business’s advantage.

What is an Instagram landing page?

An Instagram landing page refers to a single-page website you can use to direct users from your Instagram post or link in your bio.

Through the links in an Instagram landing page, your followers can learn more about you, know the products you deal with, or take another option as directed by the choices.

Why is an Instagram landing page important?

An Instagram landing page comes with several benefits. First, Instagram only allows you to add a single link in your bio, and an Instagram landing page will enable you to add all the necessary information, including the next course of activities you wish your follower to take through a single link.

Thus, an Instagram landing page gives you an edge over the platform’s single-link rule and allows you to open the options for a response from the audience and followers. Besides, an Instagram landing page means you don’t have to keep editing or adding a new link to every post you make.

What can an Instagram landing page be used for?

You can use Instagram landing pages for various purposes. Here are some of the top usages:

Linking other social media profiles

An Instagram landing page allows you to add several links, including those leading to your other social media profiles. That lets you open up your followers to other platforms and increase your audience.

Linking a personal or replicated website

An Instagram landing page will, in most cases, only contain limited information and calls to action. Due to its concise nature, you may not include every piece of information about your business, products, and services.

Thankfully, there’s no limit to which type of links you can add to the single-page webpage. You can include links to your personal or replicated website where the followers can interact and learn more about you and the business.

Current promotions or announcements

You can add links to your current promotions and announcements on the Instagram landing page. These can include your best-selling products, ongoing promotions and offers, popular blog posts, latest publications, new products, and more.

How to create an Instagram landing page

You can create an Instagram landing page from scratch or use third-party solutions like SeedProd and Linktree. The first option entails developing an Insta-only landing page on your website. However, this option may be confusing, especially if you’re doing this for the first time.

Third-party solutions are an excellent place to start since they’re mostly quick and easy to use.

Websites that offer a landing page

The market has several websites that offer a landing page. Here are the two most common options:


Linktree offers a fast and easy way to create your Instagram landing page, add links that capture all the vital areas of your business, and have it running in a few minutes. It’s one of the most popular solutions, suited for users looking for a quick way to get their Instagram landing page up and running. Since it leads you and the visitors to your Linktree profile, you don’t have to worry about altering information on your website.

The free version allows you to add unlimited links, embed a video, and get a personalized Linktree profile together with standard analytics like click-through rates and total clicks. The company has three-tier paid plans for flexibility, customization, and control. Check out the company’s Starter plan at $5 monthly, Pro package at $9 monthly, or Premium plan at $24 monthly.


SeedProd is an excellent alternative to Linktree. It’s a WordPress landing page builder with numerous features, templates, a powerful drag-and-drop editor, and themes to broaden your options and make your Instagram landing page creation much easier.

It comes with a wide variety of customizable templates to make the website easy to use for both beginners and professionals. SeedProd allows you to create the Instagram landing page on your website, meaning all your visitors will be sent to your website with your preferred URL and not to any third-party tool as it is with Linktree.

Final thoughts

Strategically adding a link to your bio is an excellent way to increase engagement, boost sales, and draw quality leads. You can make the most of your Instagram profile by leveraging this feature. 

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