How to Use Instagram Polls Specifically for Your Business

Using polls in your Instagram story will increase your audience engagement and also allow you to get direct feedback from your audience. It’s important to strategically use polls for your business, and we are here to help guide you on how to do so! If you first need to lean how to make an Instagram story poll, you can do so here!


How to use polls specifically for your business:


1. Ask for feedback through polls.

Using polls in your Instagram story is a great, easy way to find out what your audience wants. All you have to do is directly ask them through your polls. You can ask for feedback on:

  • A certain product. Is your audience liking the product or not?
  • Preference on a product such as size and color. Reference the images above for an example on this.
  • Timing preference, for example at what time is your audience available for a live?
  • Topics- through your poll you can give two topic options for a live or your next piece of content and see which one your audience would prefer.

2. Make polls about trending topics.

If there is a trending topic or current event which your audience would be interested in, make a poll on it! This will increase your engagement and allow you to connect with your audience on more of a personal level.

3. Use polls for market research.

You can use polls to gather data from your audience then use it for your own marketing. For example, on a poll you can ask the yes or no question to your audience, “Have you been liking Facebook’s new Messenger Rooms?” If you audience enjoys using messenger rooms, you can now utilize them for your own marketing. Perhaps create a Messenger Room to showcase a new product to your customers as opposed to a live.

4. Plans events with the help of polls.

If you host events for your business, you can ask for your customers’ preference on food or drink options for the event through Instagram polls.

5. Use Instagram polls to help you choose contest prizes.

If you have contests for your business, you can use polls in your stories to see what prize options your audience would prefer. This will make things fun and can increase excitement and participation for an event!


In conclusion, Instagram polls are an effective way to increase engagement and figure out what your audience wants. Reference the ideas above and start strategically using them for your business!

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