How to Use the Instagram Story Poll Feature

The Instagram poll feature in stories is a great, easy tool to use with many benefits for your business. If you are stuck on how to use Instagram polls, we are here to help!


How to make an Instagram story poll in 5 simple steps:


1. Create a story. 

The Instagram poll feature is only available on stories. Therefore, you first want to create a story. You can either take a picture of yourself, upload a relevant photo or create a background. We suggest making the story relevant to your poll and use stickers, filters, texts, and emojis to make it fun.


2. Add a poll to your story. 

Next, you want to insert a poll into your story. To do so click the sticker icon at the top right of your story. Then click the poll sticker.


3. Set up your poll. 

The poll sticker will allow you to ask a question with any two answer options. Ask any question you’d like in the text field. Then, type in your response options by tapping in the Yes and No box and writing a response. You can choose any text you would like for each section in the poll as long as it is 26 characters or less. You are only allowed two response options. An example could be, “hot” or “cold.”


4. Position & Place your poll.

When you are done customizing your poll, click Done or Next in the upper right hand corner. You can then make the poll smaller or larger based on your preference by pinching it, just like how you would with any other sticker. Position the poll to wherever you would like on the story then send to your story!


5. Track your poll results.

Once your poll is live, you are able to see your poll results. In order to do so, swipe up on your story and click on the eye icon. The results will show who voted for you poll and which answer they chose. Be sure to have your push notifications on, so Instagram can notify you whenever someone votes! Pay attention and note the results to your polls as this can help you with future marketing. You can always go back and view past poll results by going to your archives. See the example below on how to view poll results.


Now you are all set to start using Instagram polls on your stories! Be sure to take advantage of this tool as there are many ways you can use it strategically for your business!













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