How You Can Work Less and Get More Done


The following list contains 10 things that successful people do to find balance on the

weekend and to come into work at 110% on Monday morning.


1. They Disconnect

Disconnecting is the most important weekend strategy on this list, because if you can’t find

a way to remove yourself electronically from your work Friday evening through Monday

morning, then you’ve never really left work.


2. They Minimize Chores

You need to schedule your chores like you would anything else during the week, and if you

don’t complete them during the allotted time, you move on and finish them the following



3. They Reflect

Weekly reflection is a powerful tool for improvement. Use the weekend to contemplate the

larger forces that are shaping your industry, your organization, and your job.


4. They Exercise

Getting your body moving for as little as 10 minutes releases GABA, a soothing

neurotransmitter that reduces stress. Exercise is also a great way to come up with new ideas.

Innovators and other successful people know that being outdoors often sparks creativity.


5. They Pursue a Passion

You might be surprised what happens when you pursue something you’re passionate about

on weekends. Indulging your passions is a great way to escape stress and to open your mind

to new ways of thinking.


6. They Spend Quality Time with Family

Spending quality time with your family on the weekend is essential if you want to recharge

and relax. Weekdays are so hectic that the entire week can fly by with little quality family



7. They Schedule Micro-Adventures

Buy tickets to a concert or play, or get reservations for that cool new hotel that just opened

downtown. Instead of running on a treadmill, plan a hike. Try something you haven’t done

before or perhaps something you haven’t done in a long time.


8. They Wake Up at the Same Time

It’s tempting to sleep in on the weekend to catch up on your sleep. Though it feels good

temporarily, having an inconsistent wake-up time disturbs your circadian rhythm. If you

need to catch up on sleep, just go to bed earlier.


9. They Designate Mornings as Me Time

It can be difficult to get time to yourself on the weekends, especially if you have family.

Finding a way to engage in an activity you’re passionate about first thing in the morning can

pay massive dividends in happiness and cleanliness of mind.


10. They Prepare for the Upcoming Week

The weekend is a great time to spend a few moments planning your upcoming week. As little

as 30 minutes of planning can yield significant gains in productivity and reduced stress. The

week feels a lot more manageable when you go into it with a plan because all you have to

focus on is execution.
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