In A Time of Social Distancing, Here’s How to Stay Socially Connected While Managing Your Business at Home

One of the main benefits of owning your own business is the freedom to work from home–or really, anywhere you please. However, now the “privilege” of working from home has been turned on its head in the wake of everything that’s been happening, as many Americans now find themselves working from the confines of their apartments and houses.

While these circumstances will continue to impact everyone’s lives, it has become apparent now more than ever that we cannot chance losing any form of income. What that means for business owners is that we cannot stop posting about our business on social media.

However, this doesn’t mean continue business as normal. Posting in the midst of a global pandemic requires special consideration and compassion towards your audience. It’s important to remember that some of your audience might become annoyed or offended by your efforts to continue selling during this crisis–even though it is a crucial source of income for you.

We’ve compiled some of the most valuable tips to keep in mind while crafting the right tone and strategy to keep business rolling:

  • Talk about COVID-19, but in a way that is respectful to everyone’s situation. It’s important to remember that everyone is going through this crisis and processing it in different ways. Now is not the time to brag about sales or growth, focus instead on normality.
  • Market convenience. Arguably the best part about being able to run your business from home is that it doesn’t require your customers to leave their homes. Remind them they can easily shop and support small businesses from the comfort of their couch and have it delivered right to their door! No contact involved.
  • Find the bright spots… and use them. There’s no harm in a little humor, so long as it doesn’t overstep any boundaries. Making a comment like “we might not have hand sanitizer, but we do have 50% off all hand soaps! Message me for more details” won’t hurt anyone and might actually bring a smile to some faces.
  • Remember you are a face of hope. There are a lot of Americans right now who have recently been laid off, are struggling financially, or maybe are sick themselves. They look to you for encouragement and positivity on social media. Make sure you are always a beacon of hope for them to turn too–they’ll remember that once this is all over.


Wishing health & safety to all of our brains out there. Stay home & be well!

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