Increasing Your Facebook Group Engagement: Part 2

Last week, we taught you four different ways to host a Q&A Session in your Facebook Groups. This week, we’re coming at you with another way to increase your Group engagement. Keep reading to learn more!

Tag Group Members in Posts and Comments

Giving your Group members a question to answer is already an effective way to increase engagement on your posts as it feels more natural to answer a question than it does to contribute your thoughts unprovoked. You can take this to the next level by tagging specific members in your posts, and asking those who respond to do the same. This way, you’ll have heaps of comments to look through. 

When you start a Facebook Group with your customers, your aim should be to teach, entertain, and inspire them, in addition to selling. You can tag your customers in posts to learn about their favorite products, their favorite ways to use your products, their favorite kind of content, and even their favorite day to day activities. These threads are great to bounce ideas off one another and create discussions.

Label Your Expert Members 

Since Facebook Groups are the place to encourage communication about a certain topic, it’s crucial to ensure that these conversations are as productive as possible. One way you can encourage this is to label certain Group members as experts. Similar to the ‘Moderator’ or ‘Admin’ label, the ‘Group Expert’ label will show up whenever the assigned user makes a post or comment. 

When a member is labeled as a ‘Group Expert’, they will get access to a few features that standard members don’t have. Like an ‘Admin’, ‘Group Experts’ can host Q&A Sessions using the Image Cards mentioned in last week’s article. Additionally, they can also send automatic Group invites to other people. 

When determining who you want to set as a ‘Group Expert’, pay attention to who your product enthusiasts are, and who offers your Group the most insight. To give someone the ‘Group Expert’ label, go to your Group members > click the dots beside the person’s name > select “Add as group expert”. Facebook will then give you a quick synopsis of what this label means, and explain that the user must accept your invitation to become an expert. 

Making the most of your Facebook Groups can be challenging if you aren’t familiar with ways to maximize their potential. We hope that you have learned some valuable tactics to increase your Group engagement. Happy posting! 

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