Increasing Your Facebook Group Engagement

Facebook Groups are an awesome way to build a community and foster productive conversations around topics that you’re passionate about. Want to know how you can make your Group more engaging for your members? Keep reading to learn how to increase your Group engagement!

Host Live Q&A Sessions With Your Group Members

One way to increase engagement and interact with members of your Group is to host a Live Q&A Session. Since your Group should already be linked with your Page, all four of these awesome Q&A features should be available to you.

Question Format

This option is available to every member of the Group. Whenever someone asks a question in the ‘Discussion’ tab, Facebook will automatically ask the user if they want their post to be formatted as a question. If they choose to move on with this format, their post will be labeled as “[User] asked a question,” and other members of the Group will be able to “answer” their question in the comment section. This option is great if you or any of your members have a quick question that needs to be addressed quickly.

Messenger Rooms

Messenger Rooms are another place to hold valuable Q&A Sessions. By default, all members of the group have the option to start a Messenger Room, but as an Admin, you are still in control of exactly how these Rooms operate. You can make it so that Admins and Moderators are the only Group members able to start a Messenger Room, limit the use of video, and mute members who are causing problems. This is a great option if you are looking to connect with your fellow team members to talk about best practices, upcoming events/launches, or even just to check in with one another.

To set up a Messenger Room, go to your Group ‘Discussion’ tab > click the purple camera icon > follow the prompts to create your Messenger Room!


Going LIVE in your Facebook Group is a great way to interact with your Group members. LIVES are one of the most authentic forms of content which is favorable to your overall reach. You can go LIVE to share information about your passions and products. If you have a Group for your team, it’s a great way to provide training and other ways to motivate.

To set up a LIVE, go to your Group ‘Discussion’ tab > click the red camera icon > follow the prompts to create your Facebook LIVE!

Image Cards

Using Image Cards is very similar to the Question Format mentioned above. Members can ask you questions, and your answers will show up in a new image on the post. When you opt to do your Live Q&A Session with Image Cards, Facebook will generate the images as you go. If a member misses your Live session, these Image Cards will be available under the Discussion tab.

To use Image Cards, go to your Group ‘Discussion’ tab > click inside the box that says “Write something” > click the three dots at the bottom right corner of the box > click “Host Q&A” > follow the prompts to get started with your Image Cards!

Facebook continues to add more and more new, exciting features to Groups. Stay tuned for next week for Part II of this article to learn two more ways to increase your Facebook Group engagement.

Source: “3 New Ways to Improve Your Facebook Group Engagement : Social Media Examiner.” Social Media Examiner | Social Media Marketing,

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