Insights on Comments to Potentially Come to Facebook

Engagement on Facebook posts increase post reach, and comments in particular can have a huge impact. The more discussion on a Facebook post will signal the Facebook algorithm that the more people may want to see this post. With Facebook’s potential new feature, users will soon be able to see how the comments are affecting their reach.


According to SocialMediaToday, in 2017, Facebook noted,

“If a post from a Page is getting a lot of engagement, we can understand in real-time that the post might be temporarily more important to you, so we should show that content higher in your feed.”


With that being said, comments on your posts are important. Discussions on your post can highly increase reach of your posts. And Facebook plans on highlighting the importance of comments to some page members by showing comment insights (see pictures below):


Facebook comment engagement


Comment insights will show you a percentage figure on how the engagement (reactions/impressions) of your posts has changed due to your commenting. Typically, by commenting on posts, this will increase the engagement.

Not only can commenting on your posts broaden your audience, but it can also allow you to build a stronger relationship with your audience. When you comment on your posts or reply to others’ comments, it allows your audience to connect with you on a more personal, deeper level. It shows your audience you care about them and their concerns.

Should Facebook decide to add the new comment engagement stats, it can be a great tool to use to see how comments are maximizing your reach! So be sure to respond to every comment on your posts.


Information sourced from here.

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