Instagram Adds Engagement-Specific Insights to Help Businesses

The update we’ve been waiting for has finally come to Instagram: engagement insights!

Instagram is now providing more data to its creator and business account users by adding a new update to its Insights component. This update contains crucial and specific information about who specifically is engaging with your content (not just viewing it!), whether or not they follow you, as well as your overall reach on your posts.

With this update comes new ways to leverage analytics to inform your social marketing decisions such as: when to post, what content trends well with your audience, and how well your current social strategies are working.

The new data metrics Instagram added to the update are:

  • Reached Audience: This data provides demographic information about the profiles you’ve reached with your posts from a certain window of time, including age, gender, and top cities.
  • Engaged Audience: This data takes Reached Audience a step further and shows you demographic data from the profiles you reached which then decided to engage with your content (comment, like, save, share, etc). This information includes whether or not the accounts were following you, top countries and cities, as well as top age ranges and gender.
  • Accounts Engaged: This metric shows the total number of accounts that engaged with your post during a specific timeframe.

These new data points are crucial when considering your social strategy. For example, if most of your engaged audience is on the West Coast of the United States, that will impact what time you should post your content (i.e. a time when those users are most likely to be online based on their region).

Additionally, demographic information like age and gender can help marketers hone in on their target audience. This creates a clearer picture of the type of user they are creating their content for and leads to a more clearly defined personal brand.

Which of the new Insights metrics are you most excited about? If you haven’t already, be sure to connect your Instagram Professional account to to schedule out your Instagram content.

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