Instagram Feed Returns to Recent Posts?

Remember the days when your Instagram feed was arranged chronologically so the newest post showed first? Yeah, we almost forgot too, since Instagram changed the feed to the show posts (and sponsored ads) that they think you’ll most likely want to see.

Now, they are testing out a “New Posts” button that allows you to choose to see the most recent posts, rather than your chosen posts by Instagram. So far, we haven’t see it personally, but maybe you’re one of the lucky testers!

In addition to this new feature, Instagram is updating their algorithm to show more recent posts in in your feed than were previously shown. This means you’ll see content that was just added, as well as your best friend’s post from last night.


What does this mean for your business?

With more recent posts being shown, it’s more important than ever to check out your analytics and post when your audience is most active. This will help increase your reach even further.


Would you rather see all posts chronologically or do you think this is a good compromise? Let us know your thoughts!


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