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There are so many different factors to consider when posting to Instagram. You may asking, “How can I increase my reach?”, “How often should I post?” among others. Well Instagram’s chief, Adam Mosseri, answered some of these most commonly asked questions during last week’s Instagram Creator Week, and we’re here to give you all the details…



Of course everyone wants to know how they can grow and keep their Instagram reach and engagement at a high rate. However, Adam Mosseri explains a stable reach cannot be guaranteed on the app. This is due to the algorithm constantly changing. Competition for reach is constantly changing as more people join the app. Which then results in users seeing changes in their reach analytics. However, Instagram stated to take advantage of all the different features available on the app, for example, post Reels. Although this won’t necessarily increase your reach, this increases the chances of your content getting discovered to a wider audience.


Best Practices

Adam Mosseri went on to state some best practices when posting to Instagram. He mentions to start posting video content, as long as the first couple of seconds grabs your audience’s attention. He emphasizes the importance of hashtags and consistent posting. Using hashtags in your posts can increase your chances of being discovered, while posting at least two posts on your feed a week, and two stories a day can help you build up your following. Remember, in order to fine tune how consistent you should be in your posting, test out what works best for you. See what your followers respond to best. Is it two posts a week or three posts a week?



We all want to be verified on Instagram, don’t we. 🤣  However, Adam Mosseri explained Instagram verified accounts are for those who are most likely to deal with others impersonating their account. Instagram looks at press mentions to determine if a certain account should be verified or not.


Reels & Video

Instagram’s chief also gives some updates on Reels & video content. He says the global implementation of Reels has been delayed due to music rights in certain areas. He also talked on the company looking into monetization options for Reels. He expressed how he thinks TikTok is better than Instagram Reels. He believes TikTok is better at finding new talent, as well as keeping their users entertained. Instagram plans to improve these two areas with Reels.


Fake Followers

Adam Mosseri also stated the app’s detection systems are advancing. He says to not buy fake followers as this could cause serious consequences for your account.



These are very important tips and tricks to consider when strategizing your Instagram marketing plan. Be sure to consider all the above factors: use hashtags, post consistently, dabble into Reels, and be authentic. With the implementation of these strategies from Instagram’s head himself, this could really help you grow your business on Instagram!





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