Instagram Introduces “Pinned Post” Option for Profile Grid

Confirmed: Instagram has introduced a new “Pinned Post” option, mirroring their biggest competitor, TikTok.

After several months of testing, Instagram has finally moved forward with a universal “Pinned Post” option for users – allowing you to pin certain posts to the top of your profile grid.

To pin a post to your profile, use the three dots menu at the top right of any of your Instagram posts, there is now an option that says “Pin to Your Profile.”

Instagram says of the update:

“You can now pin up to three posts (photos or Reels) to remain at the top of your profile grid, giving creators more flexibility to express themselves on their profiles. Starting today, the feature will be available globally to all users.”

This update, in addition to Story Highlights, which already have a priority spot on a user’s profile, allows Instagram users to have greater control over the appearance of their Profile Grid to others (namely, potential followers or customers).

Also notable to mention is that Instagram also included Reels in the type of posts allowed to be “Pinned,” which hints towards the possibility of users being able to choose which post type is featured chiefly on their Profile Grids – feed posts or Reels.

So what posts should you “Pin” to the top? There are endless possibilities, and ultimately, consider your personal brand when determining posts to prioritize. However, some ideas include:

  • An introductory post about you
  • Your most “viral” post (most views or most engagement)
  • A post featuring your best-selling item

While Instagram is still continuing to test an entire grid reconfiguration option for users, as a start, you are allotted three posts to “Pin” to your profile.

Happy Pinning!

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