5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Social

Rising temps and lots of rain? Looks like spring is making its grand entrance!

With the flowery season usually comes spring cleaning, but decluttering doesn’t have to just be limited to your closets! Your social media deserves a refresh too, so here are 5 ways to spruce up your social apps:

  1. Give Your Profile a Face-Lift

When’s the last time you updated your bio? Yeah, we thought so. Make sure your profile photo is recent & aligned with your brand. Double check to make sure your bio has the correct essentials like your website, your email, and phone number (if you share that). Your profile photo and bio are the first things that users see – make sure they set a good first impression!

  1. Set New Social Selling Goals

Out with the old, in with the new! Review some of your old marketing goals. Which ones did you achieve already? Which ones worked, and which ones didn’t? Set realistic, but still ambitious, goals to achieve in 2022 on your social selling platforms. Be sure to periodically check back up on them throughout the year to track your progress!

  1. Create a Content Calendar

Springtime can get busy, so save yourself some time and create a content calendar for the next month (or more, if you’re feeling motivated!). List out everything from blog posts you want to write, to Instagram photos you want to create/post, and even polls you want to put in your social selling Facebook group! Be sure to consider how often you want to post, as well as optimal times for highest engagement!

  1. Schedule Your Posts

Along with your content calendar, take the hassle out of remembering to post by scheduling posts when you can! Instagram and Facebook both have scheduling options in the Creator Studio that allow you to upload posts, write captions, and set a time for them to go live later on the platform. You won’t have to worry about remembering which content to post or when to post it, because it’ll all go live for exactly when you scheduled it. It also helps with your consistency, ensuring that you’re posting frequently throughout the week.

  1. Clear Up Your “Following” Category

We follow people on social media for so many different reasons, but every once and a while, it’s good to go through your list and unfollow some accounts that you aren’t interested in anymore. This declutters your Home Feed so you only see posts from people you are still interested in following!

How else might you spring clean your social media accounts? Let us know! 

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