Instagram Reels for your Business

We’ve caught you up on Instagram’s recent addition, Instagram Reels, and how to use it. Now, we want to share tips on how to use the new feature for your business. It is worth integrating this feature into your marketing plan as we’ve seen this 15 second marketing strategy successfully work for TikTok, and with Instagram already being a huge platform for businesses and brands, Instagram Reels could become a significant marketing tool for your business.


Ways to use Instagram Reels for your business:


Put together videos you already have.

Instagram Reels allows you to upload videos which you already have in order to create a 15-second Reel. Therefore, if you already have videos on your products or if you have customer testimonials you can put them together to create a fun Reel to better showcase your business!


Use overlay text in your Reel.

Reels has a feature where you are able to overlay text in your video. You can use this tool to make an informational video about your product or service. For example, if you sell makeup, you can create a makeup tutorial video with your products using overlay text to show your audience step-by-step instructions on how to use the products. Or you can do a cooking video with overlay text for each step of the recipe. There are many ways you can use overlay text to create an easy, informational video for your business.


Create short, personalized videos.

Since Reels are only 15 seconds long, you can create a quick selfie Reel of yourself to share a tip with your audience or your thoughts on a trending topic. This will allow you to connect personally with your audience, and you can use all of the features available for Reels to make your video a little more fun than just a basic story.


Show off your products in a fun way.

With all the features Reels has to offer, you can get fun and creative on how you showcase your products. For example, Jessica Alba used Reels to show off her Honest Beauty Masks. She did so by wearing the mask and dancing around in it in different places of her house (in the garden, on her kitchen counter, on a patio table) while her husband watched her flustered. This allows for some humorous, genuine marketing.

Accounts to follow for inspiration:

If you are stuck on how to start using Instagram Reels for your business, here are the types of accounts which are going viral right now and therefore, are great to follow for inspiration.


Business Accounts

Brands such as Sephora and FRAME are getting millions of views on their Reels right now as they partner with top influencers to create tutorial videos and how-tos.





Influencer, Travel, and General Accounts

If you are wanting to gain growth and exposure, you want to become an early-adopter of Instagram Reels. Follow general influencer accounts to get some inspiration on what kind of Reels to create. General accounts such as colormecourtney, oumi_janta, and joliejanine are good examples to follow as they are seeing high early numbers with their Reels.





Food Accounts

Food and recipe videos are great content for Instagram Reels. They are very much trending as they are highly satisfying to watch. These are great accounts to follow for some creative inspiration especially if your business is food/drink related.





Just For Fun Accounts

Remember, the purpose of Instagram Reels is for fun and creativity. Don’t make your Reels strictly about business as the more genuine your Reels are, the more engagement they can get. Follow some fun accounts to spark your creativity, and of course, for a good laugh.





How to use TikTok videos for Instagram Reels.

If you’ve just got the hang of TikTok and are worried about creating all new content for Reels, fear no more. TikTok and Instagram Reels are so similar you can easily use the same videos for both platforms. If you’re creating a Reel, be sure to save it before publishing, so you may easily post the video onto TikTok. You are also able to upload any TikTok video you created onto Reels.


There are many different ways you can use Instagram Reels creatively and effectively for your business, be sure to integrate this new feature to your marketing plan by following the guide above!



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