Instagram Releases 2022 Trend Predictions

In their latest effort to connect more with their younger audience, Instagram has just published a 13-page report featuring their predictive trends for 2022.

The report includes a wide range of topics, categories, and movements, to give both consumers and brands an idea of what will be up-and-coming in the new year.

As explained by Instagram themselves:

“This report is your guide to the upcoming trends, as defined by Gen-Z, that will shape culture in 2022. 

In order to create this report*, we tapped into the minds of Gen-Z to learn more about the rising Instagram trends across categories including music, fashion, creators and celebs, beauty, social justice, and so much more. 

From redefining how they approach education and the idea of a “career,” to maximalist fashion statements, these future-focused audiences are consistently creating the reality they want to live in. Instagram is where these tastemakers are leading on the creation of culture, exploring new territories, and taking what already exists in unexpected directions.”

The report takes on a retro-vibe and is broken up into various sub-topics one might encounter on Instagram, such as: fashion, wellness, social justice, music, and so much more.

Within each sub-category are colorful headings outlining the trends to keep an eye on in 2022, along with certain statistics that relay consumer data. For example, in shopping, over 1 in 4 teens and young adults are expected to shop directly through their social media feeds in the new year – making now the best time to prep your 2022 social strategy!

Each category also features selected creators in that niche with their Instagram handles. It’s undeniable that this report is intended to spark interest and investment into Instagram’s cultural influence.

With TikTok recently dominating new trends and popular culture, Instagram is definitely making an effort to reinstate their influence through this report. Regardless, this is an incredible tool for brands and social marketers as they consider their selling approach for the new year.

Want to know some of our favorite findings from the report? 

  • Skincare and clean beauty is trending
  • Bold and maximalist fashion is growing, after 2 years of athleisure
  • Dance challenges are here to stay
  • All size influencers are important: “1 in 4 young people…say social media influencers are the most important spreaders, regardless of the sizes of their followings”
  • Online celebrities are more influential than traditional ones e,g. actors
  • The majority of Gen-Z believe they learn the most from real world experiences, rather than traditional schooling, e.g. college are rethinking it
  • Trying new at-home recipes will continue to trend
  • Many users will continue mental health activities, such as meditation and manifestation exercises
  • The video game trend will continue to soar, as “about 3 in 10 expect to livestream others playing video games”
  • Memes will continue to be popular, especially in astrology and finance
  • Young people are engaged in (and will be even more so in 2022) taking social action, often online: 52% followed social justice accounts on social media in 2021

Which part of the report are you most interested in? Check out the full report for more details. Not sure where to start? Request a demo today to finalize your social strategy for 2022!

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