2023 Instagram SEO Tips: Propel Your Reach in 10 Easy Ways

Instagram SEO entails tailoring your content and profile to make it visible to as many users through suggested content feeds and search results as possible. When you apply it effectively, Instagram SEO can boost engagement and increase your number of followers. 

Instagram SEO is a content marketing technique that aims to help you rank higher for all the relevant keywords in your niche. Instagram SEO is handy if you’re looking to widen your reach, increase your discoverability, and build a community. Keep reading for tips on how to maximize these practices.

10 Instagram SEO tactics to increase your reach

With its numerous benefits, it’s beneficial for you to learn to use Instagram SEO and send your discoverability on the platform skyrocketing. Here are the top 10 tips to start implementing today.

1. Include Instagram SEO keywords in your descriptive captions

Research the terms people use to find content similar to yours and include them in your captions. Use keyword discovery tools like Google Analytics, Hootsuite, or Google Trends to discover the terms you can include in your posts. 

2. Use SEO-relevant hashtags

Including relevant, targeted hashtags in your stories and posts is one of the most effective ways to broaden your reach on Instagram. Develop a clear and effective hashtag strategy to help you reap the benefits. Here are some Instagram hashtag tips to remember:

  • Ensure they’re relevant

  • Include only three to five hashtags per post

  • Avoid overly generic hashtags

3. Add optimized alt text

Instagram automatically adds descriptions to images to help those using a screen reader and sends the information to the platform’s algorithms and search results. However, the automated alt text likely won’t be as effective as it would be if you added the description.

Thus, adding your own optimized alt text increases your chances of ranking high on the search results.

4. Include primary keywords in your profile name

Optimize your profile for SEO and include the keyword(s) you want to rank for in your display name. That will significantly increase your chances of ranking whenever a user enters the term in the search bar.

5. Include secondary keywords in your bio

Ensure your bio has some of the most-searched secondary keywords. These are terms that relate to your primary keyword. For instance, terms like sneakers, men’s wear, and weekend outfits are perfect secondary keywords if you deal with fashion and accessories.

6. Avoid black hat Instagram SEO practices

Like Google, Instagram cracks down on accounts using unaccepted tactics to cheat the system and serves them with a shadow ban, especially those that break the rules regularly. This would be a waste of all your effort. To be safe, avoid the following:

  • Using bots

  • Keyword stuffing

  • Buying followers

  • Adding numerous accounts to follow too quickly

Also, keep your content original.

7. Take advantage of tagging

The more people tag you in their Instagram posts and stories, the higher the chance that their visitors click on your profile. In return, you get a new audience that may include potential consumers.

You can do this by running promos and giveaways, encouraging people to tag you in exchange for featuring in your posts, etc.

8. Include subtitles in your videos

Like alt text, Instagram adds auto-generated subtitles to your videos. However, you stand a better chance of widening your reach if you add keyword-relevant subtitles to your videos on the platform yourself.

9. Be niche-consistent

Maintaining consistency in your Instagram practices is among the top tactics to boost visibility on the platform. It also complements your general practices. The more you stick to the right Instagram SEO practices, the more the algorithms learn your account and your products or services. 

Ultimately, the algorithms will start suggesting your account and content to users with matching interests.

10. Track your progress and optimize

Keep tracking the progress of your Instagram SEO strategies and improve where necessary. Do this regularly to determine whether your efforts are paying off, map out ways to boost your reach, and stay on top of your operations.

Instagram SEO FAQS

Do you still have questions about Instagram SEO? Here are some FAQs to help you understand the concept better.

 How does Instagram SEO improve discoverability?

Instagram SEO strategies help you rank for the relevant keywords, optimize your profile, and encourage practices that help you rank higher in the platform’s search results and appear in suggested feeds.

Are hashtags important for Instagram SEO?

Yes. Having relevant hashtags in your posts boosts your chances of appearing in users’ search results, especially for the keywords your account ranks for.

Final Take

Instagram SEO is essential to boost your visibility and build a community on the platform. Here, we’ve given you tips for Instagram best practices and boosting your visibility.

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