Instagram’s Do’s & Don’ts on Reels Content

Instagram has been putting major emphasis on Reels, and some users have noted this has caused a reduction in reach for other content format types on the app such as posts and stories. In order to potentially increase your overall reach on Instagram, you should try posting more Reels content. Although Instagram has not confirmed this to be true, it’s worth a shot. That being said, here are some Dos and Don’ts from Instagram itself on how to create engaging Reels content:



  • Do inspire creativity, giving off a sense anyone can join in and create.
  • Do make authentic and original content using the Reels camera.
  • Do use the audio tools and music library in Reels.
  • Do stay relevant with cultural moments, and the latest trends and topics.
  • Do have a LOL or WOW factor.
  • Do hook the viewer in. The more intriguing, the better.
  • Do have a fun twist or surprise at the end.
  • Do follow the Instagram Community Guidelines

The key takeaways here is to post authentic and engaging Reels, which hooks the viewers in and is relevant to the times.



  • Don’t add any music which is not in the Instagram Music Library, unless you are licensed to do so.
  • Don’t use any “dated” references.
  • Don’t create any content which goes against Instagram’s Community Guidelines, such as anything which contains hate speech or graphic violence.

Again, be sure to create engaging, relevant content, and it seems Instagram wants users to stop using unapproved music and reposting TikToks.


Some other tips for Reels inspiration is to scroll through your Reels feed to see which Reels are getting the most reach and engagement. You can also search a certain hashtag in the Instagram search bar, and you’ll be able to see which Reels are relevant to that topic. So if you’re in the Fashion/Retail business, you can search #Fashion to see relevant Reels for inspiration when creating your own Reels.





We hope these Tips and Tricks help you increase your reach and spice up your Reels content!


Source: Hutchinson, Andrew. “Instagram Provides New Tips on How to Create Engaging Reels Content.” SocialMediaToday, 6 Jan 2021,

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