It’s Not Always “Sell, Sell, Sell” in Social Media

When posting to Social Media, it’s not always about the hard sale or even the brand. Instead, try talking about the industry you’re in and relating that information to your product or brand. Multibrain has a large library of industry specific content for you to choose from that will relate to your business and improve your soft sell.

Let’s imagine you sell skincare products. You might want to post an article such as, “Foods That Prevent Aging,” and incorporate your product into the post copy. Maybe you could post a video such as, “The Proper Way to Exfoliate Your Skin.” Sharing content like this increases your page’s validity as a source for information for your viewers, not just a place to purchase products. 

When posting content from the Multibrain Content Planner, edit the suggested copy provided with all our content so it fits you, your brand, and your lifestyle. Personalization and telling YOUR story is key!  Think about using Social Media the same way you do when networking in person. You have to work your way into talking about a product or opportunity in person, much after some getting to know each other through conversation and perhaps, humor.  No one likes to have a sale shoved in their face immediately, so think of Social Media the same way.  Build up your relationships and then introduce your audience to your product or company.

Check out our industry-related content and start posting away.

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