It’s Official – Facebook’s Workplace Has Arrived

After two years in the beta phase, Facebook has officially launched a new platform created specifically as a corporate team communication tool called, “Workplace”. 

Here’s everything you need to know in 4 short nuggets.

  1. Pricing ranges from $1-3 per user depending on the number of corporate monthly active users.
  2. Pricing is comparable with Workplace’s biggest competitor – Slack. Slack is free. However, its standard version costs $6.67 per user.
  3. There is currently no documenting tool like Word or Excel included with the platform.
  4. Workplace is ad-free and entirely separate from Facebook. You’ll use a separate account, mobile app and login to access it.

Multibrain’s Takeaway – Facebook’s Domination Continues

Time and time again, we see Facebook expanding its services and offerings to encompass other arenas. With each update we see from Facebook, there’s this underlining and intentional assertion of dominance to become the top platform for all digital communication, whether it’s personal, B2C, C2B, or internal corporate communication. Facebook has the resources and notoriety to compete with top dogs in other markets. They are not afraid to buy out (Instagram) or challenge successful businesses – like Uber, Amazon, or Slack –  with their own versions of identical services. Only time will tell who will end up on top in this race!

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