Major Updates from Pinterest Means Game Changer for Small Businesses

Yesterday, Pinterest released a new set of advertising management tools for small businesses that were only made available previously to Partners. The ad manager includes: bulk-editing features, ad purchase by credit card, and the ability to monitor and track the success of an ad campaign more closely.

In addition to releasing the ad manager, Pinterest has made it easier for companies to target potential customers by expanding the number of interests that advertisers can target against. The ability to add targeted keywords to their campaign has also been added with the hope of catching potential users at the point when they are seeking to make a purchase.

Advertisers will soon be able to upload their customer database to Pinterest, which will help them determine what kind of users they want to reach. Based off of information from that data, Pinterest will be able to create a profile of people used for targeted messaging. Advertisers can then run campaigns against those profiles and reach the people determined by the system.

Multibrain’s Takeaway:
If you’re a small or medium-sized business, the time is now to add Pinterest into your social media marketing mix. Not only do pins have more shelf-life than the fleeting messages of Twitter and Snapchat, but these added ad manager tools has pushed Pinterest to the forefront when it comes to social media advertising. Remember to create a strategy and look for ways that you can optimize your messaging to fit Pinterest’s platform. Use these new tools to narrow down your target and set parameters to reach them. Finally, use the new ad manager to closely track and monitor your messages and adjust your strategy to ensure your success.

Click here for more information on Pinterest’s Feature Updates.



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