New Creative Tools for Instagram Stories & Reels

Instagram has recently added some changes to Stories and Reels, which can allow you to get more fun and creative with your content.


Instagram Reels


The first change is that Instagram has added new audio options to Reels for select users. These new audio options are just like the ones available on TikTok. This includes an “Audio Mix” and “Voice Over” feature. These new features will allow you to add additional audio to your Reels such as a voice over or music clip, as well as allow you to control audio levels for your Reels. To access these new audio options, tap on the microphone icon at top of your Reels screen.



Another recent change to Instagram Reels is the update in the “Edit Clips” option. In September, Instagram updated this option to allow for better trimming and deletion options. However, it now appears “Edit Clips” has been further updated to allow for more editing options within each element of this feature.


Instagram Stories


Some users have also reported new features for Instagram Stories. This includes a new “Photobooth” option which allows you to take multiple photos in sequence. There also seems to be a “Multi-capture” feature for some users which ultimately has the same function, allowing you to take multiple photos at once without having to press the button each time.


Another interesting feature available to some users is a new “Color Filter” option for stories. This option will allow you to edit the intensity of your filter on your stories, just like how you are able to do with your Instagram posts. The below image was shared by mobile developer, Alessandro Paluzzi:





All of these options are only available to some users as of now, and Instagram has not confirmed plans for full roll-outs of each feature. However, be sure to update your app to see if any of these options are available to you as these new features could allow for new, creative ways to maximize your Instagram Reels and Stories content!


Source: Hutchinson, Andrew. “Instagram Adds New Creative Tools in Reels and Stories.” SocialMediaToday, 17 December 2020,

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