New Crisis Response Facebook Hub

In light of all of the recent natural disasters, Facebook has created a new hub of features called Crisis Response. This feature makes it easier to connect people during a crisis or a natural disaster. It’s a new hub that consists of many different tools in one area, unlike before where they were not centralized. Some of these tools were previously created while some are brand new. Let’s check them out so you know what to look for, in the unfortunate event that you may need to use one of these Crisis Response tools.


Community Help

This allows people in your local area to both find or give help to disaster victims. This may include needs like water, food or a place to stay.


Safety Check

Safety Check prompts those in the area of a crisis to mark themselves as safe. This is also a great feature to see when other people mark themselves to be safe, incase you know of any friends or family in a danger area. This Safety Check feature is also now it’s own feature in the main Facebook navigation.


Fundraising for Victims

This tools gives people the ability to raise money for personal crises and other issues. This is a great tool to help those in need due to a disaster. Plus, Facebook Pages can now add a “donate” button to their live broadcasts.


Additional Information

The new Crisis Response hub also has news articles, videos and photos regarding the disaster or crisis.


Some of these features will be appearing in your News Feed as well. How do you feel about Facebook adding all of these support tools?


Image and facts sourced from here.

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