New Facebook Group Features Are Here

If you run a Facebook Group, then this post is for you. It’s not always easy to manage your members AND your content in your groups, right? Well, Facebook now has some useful, new updates that will help you manage both.



Do you know WHO is a part of your groups? Probably not exactly. With Facebook’s new update, you can see real-time engagement and group growth. More easily, you will be able to see your newest members, total number of posts and comments versus a previous time period, the most popular times to post, top posts, top contributors, and even group member’s ages and genders. How helpful would these metrics be to your overall Facebook group strategy?


Filtering of Membership

Now it’s even easier to filter who requests to be a part of your group, including by their gender and location.


Delete A Removed Members’ Activity

Did you need to remove a fake account from your group page? No worries, it happens! Now, it’s super easy to delete someone’s past posts and comments! Just in case.


Post Scheduling

Can you believe this wasn’t previously available? Now you can schedule group posts ahead of time, just like you can for your business pages! This can help you save time AND create a better strategy around your group posts.


Ability to Link Multiple Groups

We know you manage multiple Facebook pages! Now you can link them. This can help grow your pages, by referring members from one to also another.


Not everyone has these updates yet so if you’re not seeing the changes, just hold tight. Have you seen any of these new features? Will they be a big help for you to manage your Facebook Groups? Let us know!

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