New Instagram Stories Update Allows for Creator Versatility

After Instagram’s IGTV horizontal video feature, it seems the updates to the platform keep coming.


The newest update in the Instagram world comes for the Stories camera. Instagram revealed that they will be storing any content taken on the Stories content for seven days within the app. This means that you can take photos or videos using the Stories camera and post your favorites anytime within the next week–straight through the app!


To view visuals of what this update will look like, check out it below, sourced from this tweet.


For creators, this new feature promotes versatility and allows users to curate their stories much in the same way Instagram users manage their feeds. For brands and businesses, this update offers a new way to take pictures and videos of products in one setting, then review or edit to publish at a later date. This could have been done previously by using the Camera Roll app to edit and upload, but now businesses are given the convenience of doing all of this through the Instagram app itself.


Are you excited for this new update? Let us know how you’re going to use the update for your business!

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