New Reels & Shop Tabs Now Available on Instagram


Instagram recently announced some significant changes to the app, including a new Instagram Reels tab, and a new Shop tab! The Reels tab will allow you to discover new Reels relative to you, while the Shop tab will allow you to find the brands and products you love.



With the current pandemic, Instagram has seen a rise in short, entertaining videos as this is one of the best ways people can tap into their creative side and express themselves while having to stay at home. There also has been an increase in online shopping due to the current circumstances. That being said, Instagram wanted to make Reels and shopping easily accessible to their users.


Instagram Reels

Instagram only launched Reels a few months ago, and there are already many popular users who have come out with such creative Reels relative to their passion. For example, @explorerssaurus_ uses Reels to show off her passion for travel, @paperboytheprince uses Reels to spread motivation, some others use the feature to give business tips relative to their field. There are many creative ways you can use Instagram Reels for your business and show off what you are passionate about, and the Reels tab will allow you to find inspiration from other creators as well as help you find an audience.




Instagram Shop

The Instagram shop tab makes it easy to get inspired by other brands and creators you love, and also makes it easy to support small businesses. With the new Instagram Shop tab, you’ll see shopping reccomendations personalized to you, editors’ picks from Instagram’s @shop channel, new product collections, as well as shoppable videos.




Instagram does not make major changes to their home screen often. That being said, be sure to start using these two new tabs in order to keep up with the latest trends as well as find some inspiration for your own personal brand!





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