Paid Promotions 101: Using Paid Promotional Options on Facebook to Boost Business

If you are a direct selling consultant, then you know that Facebook isn’t just about showing the world what you had for lunch. In fact, nearly half of small businesses in the US use it for marketing.

Are you posting regularly but don’t feel like it’s making much of a difference? The short answer is, you need to boost your posts. But how do you boost a post, and what does that even mean?

Since Facebook is constantly changing its algorithm, you can’t guarantee that just because someone “likes” your page means they are seeing your stuff. Now, people only see relevant content — in other words, posts that speak to their passions, likes and preferences.

Grabbing Your Audience’s Attention

You know how Facebook automatically lets you know when a post is getting more attention than others? Click the Boost Post Button, then change your settings to target the audience you are trying to reach. Choose the location, age and even gender of your target market. Or set it to different countries where your ideal clients are.

 Four Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Page for SEO and Likes

Your Facebook page needs to get high rankings — not just in Google, but also in Facebook search.

  1. Use keywords that your potential clients are searching for when they’re hanging out on Facebook.
  2. Choose a username and URL that describes your business best — and is memorable. Make sure it conveys your topic accurately!
  3. Rewrite your About section for SEO. Use keywords that also accurately describe your business.
  4. Include your actual website URL in individual posts to encourage clicks.

An Often Overlooked Detail: Categorizing Your Business

Do you sell yoga classes? Set your page to Local Business so that customers can check in to your place online when they are in the area. This instantly gets word out to their friends about you. If you don’t have walk-in clients and are simply selling, say, wellness products, list your business under Companies and Organizations.

Optimizing Your Page Images

What are the first things visitors to your page see? That’s right — your cover photo and profile picture. To make sure the pictures aren’t skewed across devices, choose a quality cover photo that is 851×315 pixels and set your professional profile photo to 160×160 pixels.

User Hack: Tap Into Facebook Groups

Facebook groups can be a great source of traffic. If you are offering tips to other group members, you can position yourself as an authority on the topic. By doing so, you become a valued member of the group. Choose a group you are genuinely interested in — one where the members potentially need the services you offer — and then get in on the conversation!

When and How Often Should You Post?

Studies show that engagement rates are 18% higher on Thursdays and Fridays,” and for small businesses, five to 10 posts per week is ideal.

Types of Posts That Generate the Most Engagement and Leads From a Paid Ad

  • “Caption This” statuses get your audience talking.
  • Quick question approaches like Sephora did with #OneQuickQuestion.
  • Humorous puns.
  • Freebies and promotional discounts.
  • Hit Like for [Option 1]. Share for [Option 2].
  • Fill in the blanks: “If ____________ I would _______.”
  • Call-to-action posts that direct them to your online shop or selling page.

Two More Hacks to Getting Your Posts Seen by More Potential Clients

We talked about how Facebook’s algorithm makes only the most relevant content pop up on users’ feeds. So how can you make yours more organic?

  • Post videos; they are more effective than photos.
  • Check in with your Insights page to find out which of your content is having a greater effect.

One last tip! Remember to double-check that all the social links on your actual website are working.

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