Posting to Instagram via Desktop Now Available

Update as of 9/21/2021

This feature is now available! Keep reading to learn about posting to Instagram from your desktop.


Instagram has been working on the ability to directly post content from your desktop. The app has now launched this feature for all users, and we’re here to give you all the details…

Instagram users will now see a + icon at the top of their Instagram page when visiting from their laptop or desktop. By clicking this icon, you will be able to upload and post files from their computer. See below for an example of how this will look.

When choosing to post a picture or video from the desktop version of the app, you’ll have the same filter and editing options for the post as you do with the mobile version.

The option to post Stories and Reels from your desktop is not available with this new feature. However, some users also now have the option to upload IGTV videos from their desktop. Although there has been an ability to post to your Instagram feed and/or IGTV via Creator Studio, this has only been allowed for Business Accounts, and the same editing options as the mobile version of the app have never been available.

Image shared from Social Media Expert, Ahmed Ghanem.

Other updates Instagram has made previous to this to improve their desktop app have been the ability to view live streams from your desktop, as well as improving how you view stories via desktop.

With the addition of these new options to the desktop version of the app, managing your Instagram content has never been easier. Although it will still be easier to schedule content out via a platform like Multibrain, this will help for that last-minute upload when you’re on your desktop trying to find something to post in real-time. You’ll be able to easily download an image or video from our Content Library to your computer, to then manually post to Instagram, or upload and post any content you have saved on your computer to Instagram.

Source: Hutchinson, Andrew. “Instagram Will Enable Users to Upload Photos and Videos via Desktop from This Week.” Social Media Today, 19 Oct. 2021,


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